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Incubation, Enable, Growth Since 2015 When work has purpose, becomes a lifetime passion...

SINCE 2015

i-61 was formed out of our own needs and challenges faced as founders of multiple e-commerce stores. For almost a decade we have learned the hard way how to be streetwise and build lasting partners. We paid significant amounts in 'school' fees, and we have a passion for what we do. 


Anything to do with the internet, e-commerce, m-commerce, video commerce, app dev, fintech etc.


Because we are not bound to specific software or service providers we advise you on the best solution to suit your unique functional, business & stakeholder needs. All our Services Providers are Carefully Handpicked & quality controlled Partners.


Meet The First Breed Of

At i-61 we have combined the website consultancy role with a website coordinator. We became the first specialised web “Consult-orators”!

Online Stores
Personalised Service
Online Sales
We get results & can prove it.
Projects Done

Set up a free coffee meeting with us. And lets chat...

Skill set

We Handpick

Partners of Influence

We strive to perfect the overwhelming task of staying up to date with the ever growing and constant changing internet and related  business industries.

Offering the best solutions then strategically adapting to optimally accommodate budgets and business requirements.

Then coordinating and monitoring the implementation.

Managing & SEO

Planning Your Project


If you search online for information about selecting an e-commerce platform, you’ll mostly find various articles which discuss the pros and cons of different e-commerce platforms, many of which attempt to compare the features and benefits of each platform. We do it a little different, considering stakeholder-, business, budget & functional requirements.


Idea Generating

This is one of our favorite creative brainstorm sessions! We have some pretty creative partners.


Analytics help you outsell your competition with enterprise-caliber insights. Plus, they’re presented in an easy-to-use format that doesn’t require a math degree to understand. The Analytics are an enterprise-grade suite of analytics designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. They go beyond standard web analytics tools to deliver detailed insights into areas like merchandising, marketing, abandoned carts, and customer lifetime value. Think of them as a command center that tells you everything you need to know to outsmart and outsell your competition.

Realizing the project

We are with you every step of the way, and we have successfully done it before!

Marketing & Seo

We give you more control over the elements that influence your SEO than any other platform, so you can rocket to the top of Google and other major search engines.

Apps & integrations

With hundreds of pre-built themes and integrations, plus tools for you to build your own, enabling you to seamlessly connect to the apps you’re already using with no interruptions to your business.

Planning the project
Idea Generating

Volume Leverage

We Do Business Together

These days advanced ecommerce doesn’t require tens of thousands of dollars and an army of developers. With key software partners, anyone can build an advanced ecommerce site without requiring a developer.

We offer top line solutions to medium and enterprise level e-commerce businesses. No more developer frustration, empty promises, delayed deadlines and losses. We know what we are doing, we got your back…

Give us a try and see for yourself... no longterm contracts or commitments.


You Get One Contact Person for All Your Needs


Hennie - CEO Carfone

Voip & Fiber Provider
Excellent, quick and effective service. Will work with the i-61 team again.

Jani - Founder Doodles-Cafe

Arts & Crafts Online Store
Love the i-61 Team. We are part of their innovative group.

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